Iron fences

Iron fences

The iron fence

The iron fence is one of the most used fences to delimit the perimeter of your home, as it has specific characteristics that make it particularly suitable for this function. Iron is a non-deformable material over time, resistant to any temperature, and moreover, during the manufacturing process, it lends itself well to being subjected to any type of forging, which allows the iron to be given any shape. For this reason it is possible to see different types of iron fences on the market, the choice is so wide that you really don't know which model to choose. Compared to other materials (such as pvc, wood or concrete) iron is more resistant and maintenance is minimal, even the cost if you choose a commercial finish can be competitive compared to other fences in different materials.

Matching to the gates

There iron fence it can be purchased in specialized shops in this sector, which also sell gates because, when you buy a fence, to create the entrance you must also install the gate. Gate and fence are made following the same ironwork design. Furthermore, whatever model is chosen, it is able to provide a rather pleasant aesthetic. The iron is treated with particular anti-rust substances since the first enemy is the rain that creates those hateful spots. Untreated iron remains exposed to the problem of rust, which will form after a short time.

The anti-rust products

Today there are products on the market for painting iron that already contain the anti-rust, and that do not even require cleaning of the one previously formed on the fence. When purchasing these specific products, it is always important to carefully read the instructions and instructions for use. Some, in fact, which do not contain any special substances, may first require the use of an anti-rust treatment and then the subsequent painting. Rust can be removed from the iron fence, using a steel brush in addition to sandpaper. Obviously, even if the iron fence it is treated with anti-rust substances, it requires constant maintenance to keep its appearance intact over time.


Whatever type of iron fence is chosen, the function is to prevent entry into the private space, although it can be fixed at different heights. The fence is always fixed on a support base, usually a concrete wall, on which it is then installed firmly. The fixing of the fence must be carried out by a specialized person who will also carry out its testing. The iron fence must be stable enough to withstand any weather conditions and remain intact. Only a strong impact could damage the iron fence, in this case only the damaged part will be repaired. The repair is carried out by a locksmith, who can either weld the affected part or replace it.

Wrought iron fence

When you decide to have a wrought iron fence built, you always turn to a blacksmith. The latter will deal with the processing of iron manually, and therefore this kind of fence, compared to those sold in specialized stores, will certainly have a higher cost. The customer has the possibility to choose what kind of shape to give to the fence. The simplest are made up of a series of iron rods, the more articulated, however, have different designs. It is good to remember that the fence is one of the first things you notice when looking at a home, which is why it is essential to choose an appropriate decoration. In the case of wrought iron, even the reproduction of a rather simple model will have its value since it will be a manual realization.

Costs and lead times

The times of realization of a wrought iron fence differ a lot according to the model chosen, so when you order, if you have some urgency to install it, it is good to ask in advance for costs and times. Those who decide to have a more classic iron fence, on the other hand, will be satisfied with the more usual models, which can also be purchased directly at a store. When you do not have clear ideas about the color of the fence, but do not want to leave it in its natural color, it is advisable to combine the color with the garden furniture or use a neutral shade.

The painting

The work of painting the iron fence can be done personally, by purchasing iron paint. Everyone can decide to paint it according to their tastes, and if it really does not turn out to be in tune with everything else, it can always be covered with another color. The painting of the iron must be carried out on rather mild days and not when the area is exposed to the sun, to obtain a better and longer lasting result. Among other things, it would also become very annoying to paint when it is very hot, so if the work is carried out in the summer it is advisable to do it during the early hours of the morning. These are simple measures that allow the iron fence to always be kept in perfect condition.

Fences: Iron fences for you

A lasting solution for furnishing your green corner? Then take seriously a type of product such as the one we will present to you today, particularly recommended for all those who tend to focus more on the functional aspect, rather than on the decorative one.

It is in a similar context that in our opinion the so-called iron fences are useful, special for all those who intend to separate their garden from the outside world, adopting a solution that is perhaps less attractive, from an aesthetic point of view, than those in wood, but always in fashion for unparalleled solidity in a market of this kind.

Garden fences

Roll border Ø 5 cm 20 cm x 200 cm

Wooden roll border 5 x 20 x 200 cm

Smooth bar wooden fence

Crossed wooden fence 80x250 cm

Diagonal mesh wooden gate

Straight wooden fence

Privacy screen in gray WPC 180x180 cm

Diagonal grid 60 x 180 cm, 13 x 13 mesh

Diagonal mesh wooden fence

Diagonal grid 150 x 180 cm, 13 x 13 mesh

Vertical Garden Panel H 180 cm

Walnut screen panel, 180x90 cm

Diagonal grid 120 x 180 cm, 6.5 x 6.5 mesh

Diagonal grid mesh 13x13 cm

Wooden fence 180x180 cm

Terracotta-colored ornamental border

"Blok" edging for flower beds

Arched steel border 40x40 cm

Diagonal grid 120 x 180 cm mesh 6.5 x 6.5

Crossed wooden gate 80x100 cm

Diagonal grid 60 x 180 cm mesh 6.5 x 6.5

Cross gate 80 cm x 100 cm

"Procida" mini wooden fence

Stisa gate 105 cm x 100 cm

Straight gate 70 cm x 100 cm

Aluminum post for WPC panel

Metal base for WPC fencing

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The iron fences there are various types: from the lighter and thinner ones, consisting of long thin pegs, which support an iron wire grid, to the more massive and tall ones, consisting of painted iron poles, or wrought iron treated against the bad weather.

In the first case, the installation of the fence is simple and quick, first of all the long poles are laid, driven into the ground or in a small concrete housing, then the wire fence is unrolled, fixing it to each single post. Fundamental is the tensioning operation of the fence, which must be stretched and firm, to prevent it from falling the first time someone leans on it.

As for the positioning of the iron fences or in wrought iron, it is necessary to prepare a housing on the ground, using concrete often such fences are placed on a low wall, from 35 to 100-120 cm high. Such fences are therefore practically eternal, and it is therefore good to choose them carefully, as the expense to remove one fence and replace it with another is quite significant.


Fences are structures that delimit the perimeter and boundaries of a specific outdoor space. These structures are present in numerous private properties, be they simple plots.

Wooden fences

The wooden fences are widely used to delimit the gardens or the areas in front of the houses this type of fencing can also be used only to delimit a small one.

Wooden fences

There are many types of fences that can be built and so varied that it is difficult to list. The materials, the type of realization, the colors and the transparency change, that is the quantity of our v.

Garden fences

Creating a garden does not only mean planting flowers and plants but it means delimiting a space to make it your own. Only in this way can what we have created become ours in all respects. .

The wooden and modern garden fences

The wooden garden fences they can become excellent barriers for all the areas that you want to close, moreover the panels can be easily processed, therefore they lend themselves to decorations, inlays and coatings.

Those who want to customize the spaces of their garden can opt for the self-supporting bamboo. It is a very practical material, which can be cut in all dimensions, thus managing to perfectly cover certain areas that were initially uncovered.

Similarly, you can install prefabricated panels, with which to surround and secure the house. Their recovery allows you to save on the price of garden fences, however if they are not pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, just paint them in the desired color.

The result is guaranteed, so as you can see it is absolutely possible to make a good modern garden fence at low cost.

Otherwise, more innovative and modern solutions can be found on the market, such as iron garden fences, in PVC or glass.

The former are extremely resistant and sturdy, but difficult to install and rather expensive (especially if made to measure) while those in PVC are certainly a solution for those who do not want to spend too much, without giving up a good quality structure. Glass fences, on the other hand, represent the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality: they adapt perfectly to modern contexts and can be made in combination with an aluminum, steel or corten structure.

Metal nets for fences and fences

The fences not only serve to separate the open space around the house, in fact a garden is an environment where you can spend time outdoors in total relaxation, enjoy an aperitif with friends or family or a few hours of relaxation with a good book to do pet.

For this reason it is indispensable protect your privacy. To do this, just use simple short wooden panels, which for a low cost allow you to enclose, for example, the area where you have lunch, or to create dividers to obtain greater privacy. only in some parts of the garden.

It is an excellent alternative to replace the classic artificial boards, which guarantees a much simpler and faster installation and assembly.

Among the traditional low-cost methods it is possible to use one wire mesh for fences, however these structures do not guarantee a high safety since they can be easily bypassed, but to avoid this risk it is enough integrate them with climbing plants or shrubs by hedge, which make the net more compact and safe by increasing the difficulty necessary to cross the fence.

Finally, those who prefer a completely rural style can install the typical wooden fences or fences, very classic solutions able to guarantee a pleasant intimacy.

You still don't know which fences to choose for your home or do you want to know in detail the costs and installation possibilities? Request a quote from a professional now!

Choose one of our best professionals!


Tecnogreen is a specialized company that makes wooden fences

The (in) wooden fences are palisades made with pine or chestnut poles interlocked and assembled in a sturdy and stable way. The fence with chestnut poles looks a little more rustic but it is a valid system that lasts over time.

The wooden (in) garden fence can be used both to delimit the boundary of the property and to create internal sections even in condominium private gardens.

Modern wooden fences are made by mounting chestnut or pine poles or by applying panel fences.

A fence - fence with wooden poles, also commonly called a fence, can also be a solution to represent a valid protection for the limit of the swimming pools.

The (in) garden fence is an excellent solution for obtaining a delimitation of the property and a stable remedy against animal intrusions if a denser mesh portion is applied.

The prices of wooden fences may vary according to the materials used and can be shown after an inspection.

The fence with chestnut poles is assembled by manually processing the poles with a chainsaw, building the joints and allowing the locking with screws or nails. The fence with pine posts can be assembled more easily for prefabricated construction.

Outdoor wooden fences represent both an aesthetic solution and a protection or delimitation of borders.

The price of the fences or wooden fences is agreed after an inspection to view the work.

The wooden garden fence can be built low to allow a view of the landscape as well.

Fences with plants or bamboo

If the area of ​​your garden has empty spaces it is possible to remedy it with woven bamboo arelle.

It is an excellent alternative to enclose the garden, protecting the space from prying eyes in the face of a limited investment. In fact, bamboo is an excellent material, resistant to atmospheric agents and rather easy to install.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of greenery, you could consider one completely natural fence, composed entirely of windbreak plants.

This solution, increasingly appreciated, is able to give a well-kept and elegant appearance to your garden, moreover with the plants you can create a barrier that guarantees maximum privacy. Of course, this is a more suitable solution for those with a green thumb, as it is necessary constantly water the plants, giving him special care and attention during the various seasons of the year. To save money, it is possible to obtain recycled material, with which to create real rustic but functional wooden garden fences.

Garden Fencing from Garden Fencing London¹

The metal matches perfectly with the classic style of furniture, but also with the modern one. In many of our proposals you can find modern gardens with a metal fence. In one of our images, we have also offered you an example with metal gabions.

The latter are the ideal solution to give a modern and above all original look. They are very easy to build even with DIY. Beautiful, original, particular and even trendy, metal gabions adapt to any style of furniture. They are also a great way to shield yourself from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

Garden fences and a rustic design idea

We conclude with this latest proposal for garden fences with an example in stone. To get a more rustic and particular look, stone is the best solution. Take a cue and start renovating your outdoor area right away. It is not as difficult as it may seem.

Video: MUST WATCH! 30+ Modern Metal. Iron Fence Gates Ideas